Operations, Corporate and Commercial

Every business has some form of legal need relating to its day-to-day operations or when entering into new business relations, be it with clients, suppliers, distributors, partners, service providers, website users, employees, consultants, property owners, franchisors, franchisees or otherwise.

Strategic Legal offers general business law advice to a wide variety of sectors, including manufacturing, industrial, distribution, information technology, e-commerce, biotech, fashion, fields involving research and development, real estate and other industries.

We provide legal advice with respect to various business relationships: to name a few examples we draft and negotiate commercial agreements, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, commercial leases, and agreements with franchisees or franchisors, employment and consulting agreements and stock option plans.

A significant part of our clientele operates a business in the field of information technology. In addition to the above, we also draft privacy policies, terms of use and terms andd conditions.

For companies starting a new business venture or foreign companies establishing a new presence in Canada, we provide services for the incorporation and registration of a business, advice on setting up a subsidiary in Canada, maintaining proper corporate records and determining a customized share structure. We also provide advice on the legal requirements for doing business in Canada.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Financing

Businesses have a life cycle. At some point during this cycle, a business will require some form of financing. It will acquire or partner with another business or spin-off a portion of its business. This cycle will typically end in the sale or winding up of the business.

We will work closely with you through each step of your financing deals, be they debt or equity financing or a mixture of the two. These deals may vary from simple loan agreements to more complicated structured financing. They may involve investments from friends and family, angel investors or venture capital.

In the case of mergers and acquisitions, we will draft and negotiate asset or share purchase agreements, share exchange agreements and other similar agreements. There is a wide variety of commercial agreements which will typically accompany such transactions in which we will also be involved.

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Estate Planning

Whether you are retiring, accumulating wealth, planning a new business venture or simply want to maintain some control over the management of your estate throughout or after your lifetime, there are many aspects that you will need to consider. We work closely with tax accountants to document tax driven structures and transactions. This includes creating new holding companies and subsidiaries or winding up existing legal entities. It will also include drafting various tax related agreements, such as rollover agreements, estate freeze agreements and trust agreements.

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We offer three main types of pricing arrangements based on the needs of each client and the type of work needed. Our first meeting is complimentary, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Fixed Fees
For various start-up legal needs and other simple legal mandates, we offer fixed fee legal packages.
Hourly Rate
An hourly rate is most often used in the drafting or negotiation of agreements, financing deals and mergers and acquisition transactions.
For longer-term projects or international representations, we also offer the option of working under a retainer agreement.

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